Sajjan India Limited

Core Competency

Sajjan India has expertise in large scale production of organic, specialty chemicals which involve complex chemistry, management & handling of hazardous chemical substances.

Pyrimidine Derivatives : Wide range of Pyrimidine derivatives involve complex chemistry & large scale handling of Chlorine Gas, Phosphorus Oxy Chloride and Phosphorus Trichloride.

Chlorination : Extremely efficient process : No water in process. POCl3 of high quality re-generated. The HCl gas evolves during Chlorination is scrubbed to get HCl acid.

Bromination by Liquid Bromine : By product HYDROBROMIC ACID is being used for further Bromination - minimum waste.

Ethyl & Benzyl Mercaptans : Handling large quantity of Mercaptans.

Dry HCl Gas : Environment friendly process to produce dry HCl gas - No liquid and solid waste.

Hydrogenation : Expertise in metal catalyzed Hydrogenation.

Vilsmeier Reaction : Highly hygroscopic - being handled efficiently for Formylation reaction in Heterocyclic compounds at plant scale.

Cyclization Reaction : HBr gas in Acetic acid, HCl gas, POCl3, AlCl3 and Polyphosphoric are being handled at large scale for heterocyclic compounds.

Methoxylation : Sodium Methoxide 25% and Sodium Methoxide powder with Co-catalyst DMF and CuCl

New Reactions Developed / Commercialized

Heck Carbonylation : CO gas and Pd/C - working temperature 150oC- 35 bar pressure

Grignard Reaction : Double Grignard of Aromatic acid chloride

Ritter Reaction : Alkyl Nitrile and Sulfuric acid to produce aromatic amine

Michael Addition : Hydrazine hydrate and N,N-Dimethyl acrylamide for heterocyclic compound

Perkin Condensation : Aromatic Aldehyde and Acid anhydride

Ammonolysis : High temperature 200oC / 65 bar pressure

Ring Hydrogenation : Pd/C; Temperature 160oC / 16 bar

Trifluoromethylation : HF gas and bleeding of HCl gas

Chlorination : Oxalyl Chloride and management of CO gas Incineration process

Thiolation : Thiourea, Sodium Poly sulfide and Mercaptans

Double Bond Reduction : Ra / Nickel catalyst 95oC - 8 bar pressure Using Pd/C catalyst 200oC - 8 bar

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