Sajjan India Limited

Core Competency

Sajjan India has expertise in large scale production of organic, specialty chemicals which involve complex chemistry, management & handling of hazardous chemical substances.

PYRIMIDINE DERIVATIVES : A wide range of Pyrimidine derivatives which involve complex chemistry & the large scale handling of chlorine gas, Phosphorus oxychloride and Phosphorus trichloride. Our processes are extremely efficient with minimum waste.

CONTAINMENT of ETHYL & BENZYL MERCAPTANS : We make Pyridine derivatives for the Agrochemical industry which involve the large scale handling of Ethyl Mercaptan & Benzyl Mercaptan. We have a mercaptan charging system attached to a scrubber that ensures high containment.

CYANOGEN CHLORIDE : We manufacture Cyanogen Chloride on site for use in our processes.

DRY HCL GAS : We generate our own Dry HCl Gas on site - purity of over 99.8% - for some critical reactions.

CHLORINATION : We manufacture several products that involve various chlorinating agents - Chlorine Gas - 20 MT / Day, Phosphorous oxychloride 40 MT / Day, Phosphorous trichloride 15 MT / Day.

HYDROGENATION : We specialize in products involving large scale catalytic Hydrogenation.

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