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Sajjan is one of India's leading Contract Manufacturer having expertise in large scale production of Specialty Chemicals mainly applications in Agrochemicals, Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Dyes & Pigments with unconditional earnest focus on Environment, Health and Safety.

Group consisting of Sajjan India Limited, OM Intercontinental, Priyata Intercontinental.

We are headquartered in Mumbai and our ISO-9001, ISO-14001, OHSAS-18001 certified manufacturing site & technical operations are located in Ankleshwar (Gujarat) with over 600 people employed.

As chemical companies around the world reach out to enhance their strength & competitiveness, their key requirement is for a truly synergetic partner who is also global in skill sets, manufacturing practices and in attitude & vision. Sajjan possess all that & many more as a result 40+ years of strong business associations with large number of leading multinationals across the globe - Western Europe, USA & the Far East. Our customers include 10 of the world's top chemical companies

We are 100% Export Oriented company entitled for Duty free imports of raw materials, packaging, capital good and consumables.

We are Zero Debt Company - Willing to invest US$ 10M++ for new projects with a dedicated production line under multi year Contract.

Closely held company - insulated from stock exchange fluctuations.

Our ethos centers around Confidentiality, customer focus & rapid response. We have systematically strengthened our capabilities & aligned ourselves with our customers needs through our operational flexibilities. Strategic sourcing from around the world & high quality, cost effective manufacturing give us a competitive edge.

Committed to growth, driven by corporate philosophy. Aims to achieve the highest standards in all its endeavors.

Lean management structure - quick customer response and decision making.

Strong technical team - implementation of tech packages, in-house engineering and process development.

Flexible production setup - introduce new products with minimal modifications and capex.

Multiple step chemical processes - wide range of chemical reactions.

Continuous Improvement - process optimization, waste water reduction and product cost management.

Excellent track record with existing customers - 99.5% on time shipments performance.

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