Sajjan India Limited

Main Products

Our main products are developed for customers based on their requirements, under secrecy & confidentiality. Sajjan specializes in contract manufacturing of intermediates and Specialty Chemicals, which have applications in Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Material Sciences, Dyes & Pigments.

Today we are the preferred choice of leading multinational companies in the world. We are a strategic supplier to some of the world's leading chemical companies.

We have made significant investments in our state of the art manufacturing facilities, Research & development & intellectual property. Our strengths in process development, pilot plant and large scale manufacturing along with our basic engineering capabilities have resulted in long-term partnerships with major multinational companies.

At Sajjan, the focus is on providing the highest value to its customers, while supporting them throughout the life cycle of their products with a high level of professionalism, ensuring confidentiality and transparency to them.

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