Sajjan India Limited

Manufacturing Facilities

Sajjan India has expertise in large scale production of organic, specialty chemicals which have application in agro chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, dyes and pigments.

Our Production facilities are fully integrated with a wide range of reaction vessels, distilation columns, closed filteration & drying systems, etc. Our reactor capacity exceed 4300 m3 and consists of Glass Line reactors, Stainless Steel 316, 904L and last but not the least 10KL Hastelloy C-22 reactor.

This state-of-art (ISO 14001:2004, OSHA 18001:2007, ISO 9001:2008) certified production facility is located in Ankleshwar (Gujarat) on 75,000 sq.m of land. It consists of 4 main plants...

Plant - 1 :

Started in 1997 for the manufacture of intermediates which have applications in Dyes & Pigments. Catalytic Hydrogenation using metal catalyst is carried out in this plant.

Plant - 2 :

Started in 2001 for the manufacture of pyrimidine derivatives for Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, dyes & Pigments. Generation of high purity dry Hcl gas, on site.

Plant - 3 :

Fully automated plant using DCS system. Started in 2006 for the manufacture of products for a leading multinational on a long term contract & confidentiality.

Plant - 4 :

Fully automated plant using DCS system. Started in 2016 for Manufacturing Active Ingredients.

Large Scale handling of:

  • Benzyl chloride
  • Chloroacetyl chloride
  • Thionyl chloride
  • HBr gas in Acetic Acid
  • HCl gas
  • Liquid Bromine


Captive Power Plant

Sajjan has installed its own gas based power plant(capacity: 3 mw) within the site thereby making it completely self sufficient for electricity. This power plant was developed by GE-Jenbacker (Austria) and is based on clean fuel - natural gas. We are also connected to the state grid as a back up. Steam that is generated from the boiler is also used to generate electrcity through a turbine thereby ensuring continuous, uninterrupted power - 24 x 7.


Vapour Absorption Machine

Vapor Absorption Machines (VAM) are used to generate cooling water & chilled water for the processes. The VAM at Sajjan is run by steam which is generated by our gas based boilers.


Nitrogen Plant

Sajjan has installed its own Nitrogen plant on site.

OTHER UTILITIES on site : Brine chilling plant, Water chilling plant, Compressed air facility & Boilers.

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